About projects and the Institute

About projects

The scientific research has been currently conducted within the framework of the Institute focuses on several different areas. These different research trends are best reflected by the projects of the Institute for Literature and Art:

Apart from researchers employed at the Institute for Literature and Art on a full-time basis, outside collaborators of the Institute also participate in the projects. The latter include university professors and other scholars.

About Institute

The main activities of the Institute are literary-theoretical, literary-historical, comparative and poetics-related research. The Institute systematically monitors and studies the trends and the development of creative critical thought in the sphere of history and theory of literature, comparative literature, aesthetics and poetics, both in our country and abroad; it deals with issues of the methodology and terminology of literary studies, creates the foundation for work on literary history, works on scientific and critical editions of the works of various writers, compiles bibliographies and processed literary archive materials; it publishes collections of papers and monographs on literary movements, schools and the works of individual authors, it organizes scientific conferences and supports various forms of scientific research and professional training of scientific researchers, especially young researchers, etc. 


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